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Be Myanmar guests. When you are visiting Myanmar in a group or solo, we believe the following travel destination information will help you in a way to explore your adventurous options.

Mt Victoria

Tourists come to Mt Victoria to enjoy mountaineering, to study flowers and trees, to watch birds, to study rare butterflies. It is an obvious mountain for a first expedition in Myanmar, the highest peak in the Chin Hills at just 10,000 feet, and within relatively easy travel from the temple city of Pagan, The daytime temperature in the sun rose to 80.F and dropped to freezing at night.
(Sleeping bag is necessary)


Mandalay, Nostalgia for Myanmar’s last royal capital, enchantment with the myriad pagodas dotting all corners of the region’s landscape. 
It still boasts of the finely built palace walls, the beautiful moat, and a large number of huge monasteries. Being the centre of Myanmar arts, cultures, traditions and Buddhistic learning, Mandalay is the place where one will come closest to real Myanmar.

Pyin-Oo-Lwin (Maymyo)

Pyin-Oo-Lwin (Maymyo) was renamed Maymyo (May-town) after a British Colonel May, of the 5th Bengal Infantry, in which was stationed in the military headquarters there in 1887, during a British annexation of Myanmar. It was a Summer Resort of British Government and known as a Little England.

The Incredible Goteik Viaduct

The Incredible Goteik Viaduct on Mandalay – Lashio railway line, across the Myitnge River, traverses a 300 -meter deep gorge. It was designed by the London Firm of Sir A.M.Rendel & Co.and constructed by The Pennsylvania Steel Company of the U. S. A in 1901 and considered as a masterpiece, even by Western standards because of technical difficulties and transportation problems that have to overcome. The incredible Goteik Viaduct is surely one of the engineering wonders of the “modern” world. The gorge measures 870 ft. and the viaduct is the second highest in the world (photographs are not permitted).


Kalaw was a popular hill station in the British days, and it’s still a peaceful and quiet place with an atmosphere reminiscent of the colonial era. It has a temperate climate and is famed for its fascinating colourful markets and myriad hill tribes.