Places you must not miss when you visit Myanmar


Yangon, the capital, has a unique charm, with its colonial buildings, the tree-lined streets, bustling markets, the shady parks and tranquil lakes. Therefore, Yangon has earned the name of”The Garden City of the East”.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Kipling called it ” a golden mystery … a beautiful winking wonder “. In the heat of the day, the stupa glitters bright gold. As the setting sun casts its last rays on the soft orange dome of the great Shwedagon Pagoda, you can feel the magic in the air. It can be quiet and contemplative; colourful and raucous.
The magnificent golden spire boldly emerged against the blue sky is reputedly one of the wonders of the world. The Shwedagon had emerged from the sole of Myanmar People and become the spiritual sentinel of those people. It is the essence of Myanmar and a place that never fails to enchant the devotees.

Kyaik-Hti-Yoe Pagoda (Golden Rock)

It stands on top of a balancing rock that precariously perched on a cliff ledge, challenging the gravitational force of Newton’s Law. Why it doesn’t topple down? It’s really marvellous and wonderful! It is unknown what a strange freak of nature has done to keep the boulder in its position for many centuries despite several violent earthquakes.


Bangan, the an ancient Capital City of Myanmar, known, as the city of”Four-Million-Pagodas” is one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia. Bagan was the seat of Myanmar Dynasty from the 11th to 13th centuries. There are over 2,000 monuments of extraordinary architectural splendour. Beautiful frescos, that decorate their interiors, are an inspiration for scholars all over the world.

Mt. Popa

Mt. Popa is well known as Mt. Olympia of Myanmar with legendary gods (Nat spirits). Mt Popa is also known as Mt Fuji Yama of Myanmar. Because it is an extinct volcano. So, the soil is very rich in fertile and grown so many flower plants. It is 4,900 ft high. It is also an OASIS of the dry zone. There is also a wildlife sanctuary established there.

Those are the best travel places in Myanmar when you are planning to visit, that you must not miss them. You can either backpack or engage (Myanmar) Burma travel agents to plan a trip.